A simple avahi-based zeroconf wrapper for distcc and make.
"Why? Modern distcc already includes zeroconf out of the box!" you say.
Two reasons:
  1. Because said zeroconf on IPv6 enabled boxes is broken in Debian with no signs of getting fixed soon. So, rather than muck around with the distcc code and making the proper solution (ie: make distcc work with IPv6), it's easier just to fudge the broken zeroconf host-config bits with a wrapper script.
  2. Also, such a wrapper can take care of supplying make -jN with the appropriate N and other variable settings (like CXX="distcc g++" etc) to make things shiny. A simple bash alias in a properly working zeroconf environment could do the same thing, but this works too!
If this helpful to you, great. If not, enjoy your magically working distcc environment.

How to:

Grab a source package out of the releases directory, or via mercurial:
hg clone
And run the script inside (or put the relevant files where they make sense for you).
© Kris Popendorf 2009. Released as beerware/GPL.